Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I haven't gotten around to wet finishing the cell weave yet.

I did warp up about 5 yards of white 10/2 perle cotton for a summer and winter weave along on Ravelry. I'm trying (and so far successful) in weaving every single day. I've never done much with summer and winter, so I'm going to do a little sample first based on Sharon Alderman's drafts in Mastering Weave Structure. Other than the basics she also does some "as ifs" to produce a pile weave and a lace weave based on s&w.

Now that I've wrapped my brain around it, I rather like s&w threading. It's pretty balanced and I like that you can have blocks of any size without adding incidentals or anything odd.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The false doubleweave/cell weave is done. I ended up with two samples, a scarf and a handtowel. So designated by just how long they are and whether I'm going to have fringe or a hemmed edge.

I'll post photos tonight.

I also knitted up another 3-button shawl for my step-mother-in-law.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Okay, I'm back... yeah, it's been a long time. like really long time.

I rejoined a site a few weeks ago and realized I just sorta dropped out about April... lots of things have happened since then--mostly moving. And then moving. And then moving some more.

I've moved from an enormous studio, to a big studio to now the smallest studio in the world. I can barely shut the door and the loom occupies the whole thing... but ironically, I've been really productive.

I'm taking on as a New Year's resolution to weave every day. I might amend that to do some sort of fiber art every day, but right now I have a warp on and am about done with it.

So, I'm about to pull off two long scarves in false doubleweave or cell weave. I misread the pattern, so it's not exactly what I thought it was, but I like it anyway. The yarn is some mill end stuff which I believe is cotton and linen flake. I did a burn test on it.

The sett is 12 epi.

Monday, June 02, 2008

My New Studio is SOOO Hot--Literally!

Okay, so for bizarre and irritating circumstances (namely that the idiots in the space below me --formerly my studio--decided that 11:30 at night was an okay time to toss toxic fume generating floor stain on, which forced me out of the loft with my 3 dogs to the studio down the street), I discovered that sans air conditioning, my studio becomes a stifling 90 or so degrees, even at 2 a.m. And that with no lights, the scrap heap formerly know as my loom does major damage to one's shins.

Color me grumpy today... and with no weaving done this weekend... grrr...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Okay, so the move has been incredibly slow... the space still needs work (painting) and there's a bunch of stuff stored in the area, so I have to shift it around to get the space to paint.

Anyway, on with weaving--

I've decided to do two panels for the commission--on the first I'm taking inspiration from old wireline communications--so I'll incorporate some floats of copper wire and the basic pattern design will be in some undulating twill. I'm mimicking the analog sound waves... will probably do this with some sort of shadow weave, which will be fun.

For the second piece which is based on "new" technology I'll incorporate fiber optics as floats (I don't know how fragile they are, so I'll have to experiment with their ability to bend). The part I'm really excited about is the idea of using spectral color.

Little science lesson here: when calls are transmitting over fiber optics the sound is converted to digital format (on/off, on/off) which looks like little tiny bursts of light (on/off, on/off), get it. The super cool thing is that in order to gain more capacity on the fiber optic cable, some smart and creative person thought to break the while light into a rainbow of colors (almost literally running it through a prism) and then each color carries a different transmission), called DWDM, or dense wavelength division multiplexing.

So, I'm planning on using lots of spectral color and I really have fallen in love with Bonnie Tarses's method for using three threads as one, so that the colors blend along the length of the warp. I'm even thinking of running them through my spinning wheel so that they wrap around each other -- Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Most of this weekend has been spent down in the studio. Had lots of folks in for First Friday gallery crawl, so did lots of demoing which was a clever disguise for actually weaving off the rest of my warp. I've got a little more to do some samples on or maybe yardage for pillows or something.

Spent most of today figuring out and correcting the errors in my horoscope chart weaving. That was tedious. I should be able to weave that off this week sometime.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Commission Piece(s)

I briefly mentioned this when talking about the move, but I do have this commissioned piece for a large telecommunications company. Right now I'm thinking of it as 3 panels on the theme of Telecommunications: Death of Distance. Each piece becomes a major phase of communication over long distances, from paper "snail" mail, to telegraph and wireline phone, to fiber optic networks. So for each of the three I'll use paper yarn, copper wire and fiber optic fiber as long floats on each of the piece. Right now I'm struggling with the ground cloth. My temptation is to do some interesting patterning on the ground cloth--like a networked twill or a snowflake pattern. The other options I'm still working through is to encode something meaningful in the ground cloth--either words (a la name drafting) or some other numeric system related to telecomm-- morse code comes to mind as well as some of the modern encryption systems typical of data communications.

Now as for color--I'm still being drawn to just black (unless I do name drafting or something), so that it shows off the fiber optic and copper really well. I have some black rayon (or maybe it's cotton flake, I can't remember) that I can at least do some sampling with.

Those are the ideas swirling around for now--we'll see where it all lands...