Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just finished marking the samples to be sent off to my rep in Chicago. For so much work it seems like so little... I think we've decided on packaging. There's a company in B.C. that makes gorgeous and simple wooden boxes with a decided eco-friendly bent to them. They are perfect for heirloom quality textiles. I might have them lined with cedar paper, or include some cedar sachet or a cedar brick with the blanket.

I also came across a perfect tag for the blanket-- a small thin brass tag that can be hand-stitched to the hem of the blanket. Simply elegant and very upscale.

My carding supplier hasn't responded to me yet on the weight of the next batch of wool, guess I need to get on the e-mail and see what's up with that.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I haven't been at the loom in over a week and a half, but do have a commission to do some clothing, which should be interesting. Look out Project Runway... maybe I should call it Project Run-away. It's for a vest and I pretty much have carte blanche which is nice.

I'm only about half warped up on the loom and there seems to be millions of things getting in the way of my focus. Today for instance, we're going to have to take our oldest dog to be put to sleep, he's 14, blind and diabetic. This past weekend he really crashed and his liver function is totally off. We've been expecting this for the past 2 .5 years, so it's really time.

The other major project seems to be constantly rethreading my serger... it's a total bitch, but every time a thread breaks, it seems the only way to get things back running is to rethread the whole thing. My goal this week is to serger up the samples and get them out to my rep in Chicago... we leave for a cruise next Friday and I'm out of commission til the 30th at least with that.