Friday, February 02, 2007

Drawn to the floor

More and more I'm becoming interested in rugs and rug weaving. Mind you, I haven't done any and it could possibly be the most tedious thing in the world, but I'm also working on a theory that male weavers are more apt to be rug weavers. Some one suggest that it's because of the physicality required to beat a heavy rug, but I think it's by elimination. I see lots of bloggers knitting up beautiful delicate lace shawls...something that as a man, I can't get away with wearing (well, in most locations). There also seems to be a bias with yardage for making clothing (again many men aren't taught to sew). And while some men would feel uncomfortable making a brightly colored scarf to wear, they are fine with a brightly colored rug in a wild pattern. it's just a thought, but so far a lot of the male weavers I know or know of tend toward this form... obviously there are exceptions.

For myself, I'd really like to do a navajo rug, though I'm probably better off starting with something like a samitum or maybe even a rya rug that can be done on a horizontal loom.

We'll see where this falls in the list of projects for the year!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life continues to intervene...

Since putting on the warp this past weekend, every day has had some crisis or obligation that's kept me out of the studio. I've even wondered if some of it is my natural inclination to procrastinate, but this week's delays seemed legit.

At one point, I might have had the energy to rise at 5 a.m. and weave for three hours and stay up that same night til midnight fast at the loom... I just can't do it anymore. Getting old sucks, huh?