Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday philosophizing--what is your aesthetic sensibility? I've often thought about this in different realms of artwork for me. I always found it hard to define that for myself--my drawings were radically different, from lush realistic drawings to rough smeary expressionist inspired drawings in charcoal. In the realm of weaving, am I a color person or am I a struture person? Structure probably first, but I'm also intrigued by color in a plain weave. I'm not sure that I can produce fabric just for loveliness' sake. If there isn't a story behind the work, then it has no energy, it has not soul. I don't really consider myself a 'colorist" --I've met people who have magnificent color sense, but I'm not one of them, I'm not usually the first person to think about putting color x and color y together (chocolate and lime for instance). But I am definitely drawn to a particular range of colors. Love Randall Darwall's work, which is essentially colorist... maybe I'm a texturist???

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I've been doing some thinking lately about encoded weavings--name drafts are an obvious type, but what if some other aspect of the weaving contained the code, or if you had to manipulate the fabric to decode the message... I have always been interested in secret codes, so this kinda makes a nice merger of interests.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Okay, so it's been a while... a long while, but life has been busy. It looks (tentatively) like I have the AVL pick skipping problem fixed--it was either an electrical surge issue caused by another device on the same circuit, or the 9-pin wasn't quite tight enough on the back of the dobby box... I'm thinking most folks out there just don't care, right. Anyway, I did a dry run of a bout 60 pics with no errors, so I'm thinking I'm good to go.

Now, for WHEN I'm going to get into the studio. I'm writing the script for the summer concert for the Heartland Mens Chorus, The Pink Carpet, based, loosely, on The Celluloid Closet. It has become a lot of work, plus we just got a new puppy that requires watching every single moment of the day, so dealing with that.

As far as weaving, it looks like I've got a couple of commissions lined up, one person wants a blanket for his future nephew/niece and another wants a blanket as an anniversary present. Unfortunately, the anniversary is in July, so that makes it a bit weird. I'm offering up some other options for something in cotton or silk.

The shadow weave in greens and blues is looking really gorgeous, unfortunately, I did some demo weaving on it during my open studio on First Fridays and when I returned to it realized that I hadn't left off in the right spot, so lots of un-weaving to do to get that back on track.

Currently, interested in coded weaving--name drafting, music and horoscope drafting. See Bonnie Tarses's site for some great examples of word drafting and horoscope drafting--totally gorgeous.