Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well, First Fridays was a bust as far as selling anything, but there were a few interesting people to stop in... other weavers actually. So, it was good to talk shop. I'm going to keep plugging at the event, the upside was that they weren't people I knew, so apparently, strangers are finding me. And it will no doubt be strangers who purchase something... although I've got some friends who are looking to buy.

I got the most recent batch of yarn this past weekend, it is absolutely gorgeous, a faded moorit with just a touch of random gray fibers here and there. Sharon thought the fibers were too weak, but she managed to spin it up, so I think it's just the preference of her machinery. Gail (Ozark Carding) is moving to Oklahoma and setting up shop there--which is why I had to hurry up and pick up my wool.

In the works, I have some sewing to do--we're re-covering the cushions on the rattan sofa that goes on the screened in porch with a mismatch of printed linens and cotton fabrics... very lovely. It's all in soft faded gray-greens and some pale blues and khaki/cream color.

As always, I need to get in and do some weaving, but perhaps I put too much pressure on that. I don't want to be so obsessive that I dread going in. Ultimately, I really enjoy weaving, despite the frustrations of the equipment and time restraints.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Open house this Friday for the First Fridays event in the Crossroads District.

First Fridays is a gallery crawl of sorts that brings thousands of folks down to the arts district of KC.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It seems the software upgrade has taken care of the issue with the skipped picks--why didn't I think of this before... now my problem is that the shuttle keeps flying off the race, so I got some hardware work to do.

I also finished the irridescent shadow weave table runner. I'll give it a good was and ironing and post a pic. I'm very pleased with it.