Thursday, March 27, 2008

Commission Piece(s)

I briefly mentioned this when talking about the move, but I do have this commissioned piece for a large telecommunications company. Right now I'm thinking of it as 3 panels on the theme of Telecommunications: Death of Distance. Each piece becomes a major phase of communication over long distances, from paper "snail" mail, to telegraph and wireline phone, to fiber optic networks. So for each of the three I'll use paper yarn, copper wire and fiber optic fiber as long floats on each of the piece. Right now I'm struggling with the ground cloth. My temptation is to do some interesting patterning on the ground cloth--like a networked twill or a snowflake pattern. The other options I'm still working through is to encode something meaningful in the ground cloth--either words (a la name drafting) or some other numeric system related to telecomm-- morse code comes to mind as well as some of the modern encryption systems typical of data communications.

Now as for color--I'm still being drawn to just black (unless I do name drafting or something), so that it shows off the fiber optic and copper really well. I have some black rayon (or maybe it's cotton flake, I can't remember) that I can at least do some sampling with.

Those are the ideas swirling around for now--we'll see where it all lands...


Monday, March 24, 2008

The move is on.

Well as of yesterday, the landlord put "For Rent" signs on the front window of my place, guess that means I need to pack. Just heading down the street about 4 blocks... as it is, I just keep moving further and further south, next I'll be inside Union Station itself (that's the local historic railroad station turned museum and attraction space).

I hate moving the loom, just because it's so much work, but I look at it like a lot like dressing the loom, you just do it thread by thread, or in this case bolt by bolt until it's done.

I have to weave off the rest of the warp on the big loom and also have to quickly get the warp finished on the LeClerc. I need the LeClerc for my commission project, but then again it takes less effort to break down and move.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Must. Post. To. Blog...

Geez, has it really been since last summer since I posted to the blog, bad, bad, bad.

Well, here's what's happened. Moved the studio (just in time for me to move it again now) to the studio space directly below my loft. It has helped somewhat with my motivation, but not a lot. It's just more convenient procrastination.

Did a personal appearance at the Merchandise Mart in January and had zippo responses, although after I left, got a placement in Sawbridge Galleries.

Sold a couple of blankets here and there, but it's a slow go.

In non-blanket news, I did get a commission for the Sprint Art Collection. I'll post on that separately.