Monday, March 24, 2008

The move is on.

Well as of yesterday, the landlord put "For Rent" signs on the front window of my place, guess that means I need to pack. Just heading down the street about 4 blocks... as it is, I just keep moving further and further south, next I'll be inside Union Station itself (that's the local historic railroad station turned museum and attraction space).

I hate moving the loom, just because it's so much work, but I look at it like a lot like dressing the loom, you just do it thread by thread, or in this case bolt by bolt until it's done.

I have to weave off the rest of the warp on the big loom and also have to quickly get the warp finished on the LeClerc. I need the LeClerc for my commission project, but then again it takes less effort to break down and move.



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