Friday, May 30, 2008

Okay, so the move has been incredibly slow... the space still needs work (painting) and there's a bunch of stuff stored in the area, so I have to shift it around to get the space to paint.

Anyway, on with weaving--

I've decided to do two panels for the commission--on the first I'm taking inspiration from old wireline communications--so I'll incorporate some floats of copper wire and the basic pattern design will be in some undulating twill. I'm mimicking the analog sound waves... will probably do this with some sort of shadow weave, which will be fun.

For the second piece which is based on "new" technology I'll incorporate fiber optics as floats (I don't know how fragile they are, so I'll have to experiment with their ability to bend). The part I'm really excited about is the idea of using spectral color.

Little science lesson here: when calls are transmitting over fiber optics the sound is converted to digital format (on/off, on/off) which looks like little tiny bursts of light (on/off, on/off), get it. The super cool thing is that in order to gain more capacity on the fiber optic cable, some smart and creative person thought to break the while light into a rainbow of colors (almost literally running it through a prism) and then each color carries a different transmission), called DWDM, or dense wavelength division multiplexing.

So, I'm planning on using lots of spectral color and I really have fallen in love with Bonnie Tarses's method for using three threads as one, so that the colors blend along the length of the warp. I'm even thinking of running them through my spinning wheel so that they wrap around each other -- Stay tuned.


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